This makeover show will have you in tears.


Queer Eye (1 Season/Netflix)

I don't know what I expect when I started the new Queer Eye series on Netflix. I was vaguely familiar with the old show, but never really watched it.

I was absolutely addicted to this new series. Seeing the "Fab 5" make people over seems like a shallow premise for a show, but the show is full of emotional depth and learning moments. During one episode, the Fab 5 find common ground with a die-hard Trump supporter. In another, they help a guy come out to his step-mom.

Of course, the show isn't short on humor either. The Fab 5 have great chemistry together and each bring something different to the table. What is also fun about the show is that they give tips to the viewers as well. I've already started implementing some of them into my life.

If you are looking for a fun reality show that feature depth, emotion, and humor, definitely check out Queer Eye.


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