If you are a wine fan and also enjoy fall. This might be the perfect combination for you.

Purple Toad Winery out of Paducah, Kentucky announced a new wine called Caramel Apple. It is an apple wine with caramel and it sounds delicious! It's the perfect wine to indulge in this fall.

Now I know, most people associate fall with pumpkin spice, but there are some who prefer apple cider. I would be one of them. I'm also just now starting to like wine...I know, I am a late bloomer. This might be a wine that I could really enjoy. I'm more of a sweet wine fan than a dry wine, and the Caramel Apple Wine is a 4 on the Sweetness Scale.

If you're interested in purchasing the Caramel Apple Wine from Purple Toad, you can do so online for $13.44 by clicking here. We also have several businesses in the Tri-State that sell Purple Toad Wines, so chances are you will be able to find some on the shelves too.

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