How do you top a song that became one of the biggest viral videos of all time? By releasing a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, of course.

Psy, who became a worldwide name and phenomenon with his 'Gangnam Syle' video, is back with another track. And dare we say, it's nearly as catchy as his breakout hit!

'Hangover' is a rhythmic, chant-heavy song that recounts all of the best -- and worst -- parts of a night out on the town. "Can I find a single piece of me, game over," Psy sings. Of course, Snoop lends his silky-smooth rapping skills to the track, bringing it to a whole other level.

The video itself shows the duo taking on the town, raging everywhere from a diner to a karaoke room. Watch closely and you'll even catch Psy throwing down his signature 'Gangnam Style' dance moves!

We predict this song -- and video -- will be huge this summer! Check out 'Hangover' in the video above!

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