Yes, I'm recommending an HGTV show to binge watch.

Property Brothers (10 Seasons/HGTV)

Cost Plus World Market Celebrates With Jonathan & Drew Scott, Hosts Of Property Brothers
Dave Kotinsky

I have no idea why I'm just now discovering this show. If you've never seen it, it follows twin brothers Drew and Jonathon Scott who help people find homes and then renovate them to become their dream home. They do this while staying on a pre-set budget by the family they are helping.

I just find this show super relaxing to fall asleep to and to have on as background noise. I also truly love how awful some of the family's they are helping are. I get so angry at people who have a $700,000 budget and still want to complain about how one room isn't exactly perfect. Every family on the show is the greatest TV villain of all time.

The show is pretty fun to watch if not just for the destruction factor. Jonathan Scott is the contractor and we normally get a pretty cool montage of him breaking stuff. It's also fun to find out new problems that they didn't see at first and watch the family stress out about the budget. Because it's a TV show, everything typically works out. I'm still waiting for the episode where they just leave a half-finished kitchenette and say "Good enough."

Anyway, if you want something to watch that requires little to no focus, Property Brothers is a great choice.

Also, me and the Brothers of Property are like best friends so.....


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