I am from Princeton, Indiana, so I can tell you first-hand how amazing it is to see that an inclusive event has been planned. And by inclusive, I mean a Pride event that literally everyone can attend.

Princeton - Back in the Day

Now, for you to really understand how important an event like this is for Princeton, you should have a little perspective from a native. Keep in mind that I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and so much has changed in the world since then. But when I was in school, if you were different in any way, shape, or form you could count on getting made fun of and feeling like an outsider. I went to public, catholic, and Christian schools, and things were the same no matter where I went. So, now that I see there are leaders and business owners opening the door for inclusivity, this feels like history in the making for me.


Princeton & Hair Hero Ally Festival

Aubrey Mariah Greentree is the owner of Hair Hero Salon in Princeton. She is proud to say that her salon is a safe space. There is no judging and gossip about what is going on with your life. Aubrey has plans to bring that love of all people to the first-ever Pride Festival in Princeton. 

City Council Approved

Well, what can I say, not everything in Princeton has changed. The Pride Festival will be held in a city park, and some people have a problem with the Drag Show. I watched the council meeting, and one gentleman asked if there would be a dressing room, so everyone won't see them changing. I cannot make this stuff up. The Pride event will go on, as the organizers do not plan on breaking any laws, and the city does not discriminate against those who use the park shelter. 

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Princeton Pride Event Info:

Saturday, June 24, 2023
Lafayette Park 2:00 PM-8:00 PM

  • Adore Boutique
  • Lauren Beth Paintz
  • His & Her Designs
  • Dello-Ky Tie-Dye
  • Owen Creations
  • Oddity Earrings
  • Blur The Colors
  • Atreyu's Art
  • Carol Moyer Photography
  • Overpressed Mama
  • LeVvel Up With Vv
  • Little Boondocks Concession
  • The Cheese Queen
  • Poppin' John's Homemade Icecream
  • Aloha Hawaiian Shaved Ice
  • Brisket Biscuit
  • Bruce Li

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