Things are about to get more adorable!

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If you've always wanted a pet pot belly pig but didn't want to skirt the whole "legality" aspect of it, you can now legally own a pot belly pig in the Evansville City limits.

According to Chris Veech from Eyewitness News, the Evansville City Council passed this new ordinance during last night's city council meeting. There is a catch to this new ordinance though: pig owners will have to pay a $100 a year for a permit to own the pig. This is basically so people don't go "hog wild" and start buying up all the pigs. And yes, I stand by that pun.

This new ordinance came about after some micro-pigs showed up at Animal Control and nobody claimed them. This was probably because claiming them would admit fault and could have resulted in legal action. With this new ordinance, these people can freely claim their little piggies and stop telling everyone they are out "going to the markey."

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