Posting a selfie from six years ago is the current trend that's sweeping the internet, and we decided to participate. 

According to the internet, six years ago in 2012, "selfie-ing" was born. At the time, I was a senior in high school/freshman in college. To me, that sounds like forever ago. However, The Rob said it feels like it was just yesterday.

It's hard to picture me taking selfies as a high school student. I feel like selfies became a thing much later, but I was wrong. Turns out, I was tearing up the selfie game in 2012, and even all the way back in 2009...when I've predicted I took my first selfie.

Exhibit A:


LOOK AT THAT FILTER. I was on top of my game. Lookin' fresh while heading to my job at IGA as a cashier.

Exhibit B:


Of course I was in PANAMA CITY BEACH here. Wow, those sunglasses are fleeky.

Exhibit C:



That's enough of me. It was quite comical going back to 2012 and seeing the person I was back then. I learned a few things I wish I could tell my 2012 self: keep the tanning to a minimum, stop with all the eye liner, quit box coloring your hair!!!

Now, let's take a look at The Rob.


Rob looks great here! Sure, there's obviously alcohol involved in this photo (I'm assuming because of the solo cups), but it brings out the rosiness in his cheeks. He also has more hair here versus now, and not having facial hair gives him a baby face. Overall, a solid 10/10. I can see why he chose to share this throwback for the world to see.

Rob's mom chimed in to say that while Rob was good looking in 2012, he wasn't the cutest baby. Which answers a question I've always parents know when they have an ugly kid? I guess the answer is yes.

See infant Rob for yourself.


By the way...that's a flesh-colored pacifier to the worries. And for the record, I don't think he's a bad looking baby. 34 years ago, photo quality was crap compared to what it is now, so it's hard for me to judge.

How much have you changed in the last six years? Even if you don't want to share a picture, just take a look back to 2012 for a good chuckle. It's amazing what six short years can do for a person.

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