As the gender reveal for Maddie's baby grows closer, she's reaching out in all directions for a little baby name inspiration. We sat down and brainstormed a little and realized there are possible baby names all around us...literally.

Why not name Maddie's baby after something in Tri-State? There's certainly good towns and cities and landmarks that could make a great name for a kiddo. For example:

Evan. Like Evansville. With an upside down 'E', of course.

Chandler? Maddie likes it.

Garvin. Like Garvin Park. Kind of like Gavin, only with a twist.

Maybe just West? I mean, it is Maddie's last name, so there's that. And she's pretty insistent that the West Side is the best side.

Ohio, like the River. If Kim K can get away with Chicago, then Ohio should be socially acceptable.

Mesker. They compare children to wild animals all the time, right? So it'd make sense.

Reitz? Back to the West Side best side's a definite possibility.

Knight. You know, like after the high school with the best marching band in the Tri-State.

Henderson. This one actually isn't half bad.

Tropicana. Maybe the baby will make Maddie some money someday.

Howell. The last names used for first name vibe is pretty trendy, and the fact that it's a protected wetland is also neat.

Eastland. Kind of sounds like a fancy name for a little girl. Possibility.

Lamasco. Maddie spends (spent, I guess) a lot of time drinkin' booze and dancin' all night long at the bar, so it has sentimental value.

Haynie. Totally hipster, dude.

Robert....although this one makes us a little sad. RIP Roberts Stadium ),:

These are all wonderful ideas. Feel free to chime in with some more.

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