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Sign of Recession
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Last night, I was browsing the internet and found myself on the wasteland site of Topix. While Topix is usually the most toxic place on the internet, I did see a post that was garnering some attention that concerned the First Ave Hacienda.

Hacienda - North 1st Avenue, Evansville
(Google Maps)

The post stated that the Hacienda would be closing in August and encouraged the workers to start looking for other jobs. While most everything on Topix is false, it received enough attention to at least look into.

Liberty reached out to the manager of the west side Hacienda to see if the rumors were true. And the results were SURPRISE! Completely false.

There are no plans whatsoever to close the First Ave Hacienda. It just goes to show not to believe everything you read on the internet. Especially if it comes from Topix.


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