We will have three women campaigning to be Evansville's next mayor during the Primary election. That means for the first time ever, our city will have a female mayor.

Historic for Evansville, Indiana

This is a very exciting and stressful time in local politics. I couldn't believe that Evansville has never had a female Mayor. My hometown of Princeton, Indiana had a female Mayor for several years. In fact, Shirley Robb was also the oldest mayor of Princeton. She passed away while in office at the age of 77.

First Rule of Politics - Know the Rules

If you have ever thought about running for an elected office, you should study up on the latest rules and procedures first. For instance, you have to have voted in the last two primary elections to even be considered a qualified candidate. You also have to run for the party you voted for. That's where things went wrong for two would-be candidates in Evansville's Mayoral race.

Brian Alexander Caine Helmer
Brian Alexander
Caine Helmer

Who's Out?

Caine Helmer (R) is new to the political realm, this is the first time he has run for any public office. He really wants to focus on mental health. Caine has not voted Republican in the past two primary elections.

Brian Alexander (D) is also new to Evansville's political scene. His focus is on higher wages, and quality childcare and his vision for Evansville really sets him apart from other candidates. Like Caine Helmer, Alexander's voting history is in question.

Officially on the May Primary Ballot

Stephanie Terry (D) wants to get back to the basics. She wants to ensure the residents of Evansville have safe neighborhoods and affordable housing.


Cheryl Musgrave (R) has a vision of a safer and cleaner Evansville. She is the current Vanderburgh County Commissioner and is well-versed in local politics.


Natalie Rascher (R) is very active in several nonprofit organizations and boards. She hopes to bring new ideas to the table and lead with compassion.

Natalie Rascher
Natalie Rascher

Take 30 seconds to see if you are registered to vote HERE.

Monday, April 3, 2023, is the last day to register to vote in the primary. Tuesday, May 2, 2023, is primary election day.

Mayor Winnecke has served Evansville for the past eleven years.

When I decided to run I never anticipated how much I would enjoy this job. Quite simply, it has been the most fulfilling 11 years of my professional career. I expect that'll be the case for year 12 too. There is much work still to do. Despite having the very best people to serve and the consistently rewarding nature of the job, the time will come for you all to choose another person to lead this city for the next term and beyond. I will not be seeking re-election in 2023. Thank you to Carol and my family for standing with me every step of the way. None of this would have been possible without their support. And thank you Evansville for the opportunity to serve as your mayor. It has been my honor."

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