Parents...this is a game-changer. 

My son has officially entered the "no" phase. Everything is "no no no" or "mmm-mmm" with a firm head shake to let me know whatever I'm offering, he ain't feelin'. The no's have trickled into just about every aspect of his life. Shoes are no, getting dressed is no, changing his diaper is no...and now, most of his food is no.

My kid has never really been a picky eater, but he's becoming pickier the older he gets. Basically, he is currently only surviving on cheese and sausage. Yep, healthy mom of the year over here. In an attempt to feed my child anything but more sausage (my house reeks of it permanently, I'm convinced) I knew I had to get creative.

Behold: rainbow spaghetti.


It's just plain old spaghetti, but with a colorful twist. The plus side, it's super easy to make.


Cook spaghetti noodles as usual. In separate Ziploc baggies, add gel food coloring of your choice. I used pink, purple, orange and green. Once the cooked pasta cools a bit, separate spaghetti into the baggies with just a drop of water and slosh the noodles around. Let sit for about 10 minutes, mix, and enjoy!

It still tastes like normal spaghetti, despite the fact that my fiance said it, "looks like vegetables". My son loved it and I have enough left over to give it to him for lunch today! I think this would work for just about anything, honestly. Next I plan on making chicken alfredo with colorful noodles and colored sauce.


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