Luna Moths are one of the world's prettiest creatures in my opinion and you can find them in the midwest and across North America. I recently joined a Facebook group focused around the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois - it's only a short drive from Evansville - and there are always wonderful photographs of peoples discoveries while hiking and camping throughout the forest and surrounding state parks (like these photos of 12 different waterfalls!)

I was especially excited when I saw the photos shared by group member, Lexi Holt. She captured photos of a newly emerged Luna Moth. The Luna Moth is not uncommon in our area, but I have never actually seen one in the wild. That could be in part because according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, once emerged in their moth form, they do not feed. A Luna Moth can be identified by their bright green color and their swooping tail as well as the "eye spot" located on each wing. And speaking of wings, their wingspan averages 4-5 inches! What a truly remarkable creature and I am so grateful that Lexi was able to capture the photos to share with the rest of us. Take a look now.

Shawnee National Forest Luna Moth


Waterfalls of Shawnee National Forest

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