Their dad, Archie even gets in on the action with a brief cameo!

If you haven't noticed yet, the Manning boys are not only great football players, but aren't too bad at showing off their comedic chops either. Each has had a successful run hosting Saturday Night Live, appeared with their mom and dad in a Sports Center commercial for ESPN, and have done more than their fair share of spots for Gatorade, Reebok, Oreo, and Direct TV.

The latest of which below decks the all star quarterback's in ridiculous 1980's style hip-hop hairstyles, clothes, and jewelry while they rap the joys of being able to get "Football on Your Phone" (F.Y.O.P.). The video proves that not only do the Manning's have a good sense of humor, and aren't afraid to be a little goofy, they also have decent flow when it comes to the rap game. With that said, I don't think Drake, Lil' Wayne, or Eminem have to worry about Peyton and Eli taking over their game anytime soon.