I not much of a crier. Seriously, I think my tear ducts dried up years ago. With that said, videos like this are enough to get the water works at least churning again.

14 News anchor, Jackie Monroe, shared the video below on her Facebook page of a 6th Grader from Perry Heights Middle School on Evansville's west side receiving an early Christmas surprise this week when her brother showed up at her school unannounced. What makes the reunion special is the fact that her brother is a member of the Navy, and this moment was only the second time the two siblings had seen each other in a year and a half.

Have some tissues ready, and press play on the video to see her reaction.

A Perry Heights 6th grader got the kind of surprise today that'll make your eyes water: Her brother, home from the Navy.(It's just the 2nd time she's seen him in 1.5 years!)

Posted by Jackie Monroe on Monday, December 21, 2015