After what seems like endless rain here lately, we'll finally get a break for some perfect weather on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Remember last Saturday when the weather was absolutely perfect? Not too hot, not too cold, no humidity. Ah, we don't get those days too often, especially in August. If you're like me, you sat outside for hours on Saturday and soaked it all in. It was fun while it lasted, but now it's been raining for the last few days...bummer. Well, fear not, because that sunny and 75 feeling is creeping back into the Tri-State this week!

According to Meteorologist Ron Rhodes, both Wednesday and Thursday will be carbon copies of Saturday, so count your blessings. Ron Rhodes even went as far as calling the two days the "pick days of the week", which is a super honorary title that Ron only gives to the most perfect weather days. This week we get TWO, which is a total rarity.

Mr. Rhodes said humidity will be low and temps will be mild, so get to planning some outdoor activities!

As you can see in this 5 day forecast, Ron knows what he's talking about. The high will be in the low 80s, with nothing but sunshine! Enjoy it while it lasts.

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