Fellow glasses wearers, it's time to educate the masses!

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I've worn glasses since I was 13 years old. I needed them longer but my Mom thought they would "Ruin my looks." Yes, because every 11 year old girl loves the boy who can't read the blackboard and gets bad grades because of it. Regardless of that fun (and traumatic) antidote, I don't mind wearing glasses. I think they shape my face well and I do enjoy the ability of seeing things. However, people who don't wear glasses will never understand our plight.

Occasionally, I like to dress up as comic book or TV characters for comic book conventions. One of the biggest issues I have is portraying characters that don't have glasses. I have 2 options that apply to me: I can either just not wear my glasses or be the character...with glasses. I know contacts are an option but I have tiny eyes and have had trouble in the past shoving clear discs directly into my eyes.

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People without glasses will often say things like "Just take your glasses off" or "Oh, your vision can't be that bad." Uhhh, yeah, it can be that bad. And if I take off my glasses, then I am going to be bumping into everything. Just because you wake up every morning and don't need to feel around like Velma from Scooby-Doo to find your glasses so you can have the basic sense of sight, doesn't mean the rest of us do.

Pictured: Me, every f***ing morning.

One of my biggest fears is that I'll somehow lose my glasses while I'm out somewhere and won't be able to drive home. My eyesight is so bad that if I sit in my car without my glasses on, my car refuses to start out of fear for it's own safety. If I don't have my glasses to drive home, I'd basically just have to live at where I'm stranded at.

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I shall colonize this Target and make it inhabitable

The next time you tell someone that their vision isn't "that bad" or, even worse, trying on their glasses and then commenting "Wow, you really can't see," just know that we hate you just a little. And we are very aware of how bad our eyesight is. It's probably the reason we have glasses to begin with...

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