Over the weekend, I stopped by Adele's Naturally on Evansville's east side to see what all the CBD oil fuss was about. 

When I arrived at Adele's, I couldn't believe the chaos of the parking lot. Every single spot was filled, and parked cars overflowed onto the streets. Some people were making their own parking spots behind other vehicles. Needless to say, people were desperate.

I went inside and WOW. There was a line from the front of the store to the back. My Mom was talking to a very flustered worker who seemed to be out of breath from running around. My mom uses arnica gel on the regular and she was running low, so that was our initial reason for swinging into Adele's.

"What are they waiting on?" my mom asked.

"A FedEx shipment of CBD oil," the worker replied, "they've been waiting here for hours."

The line was made up of people from all different walks of life. To my surprise, a majority of the customers were older. I'd say the average age of a person in line was about 50 years old. When you think of something containing THC, for some reason, you might picture someone my age (24) waiting eagerly for a bottle...at least I did. However, that wasn't the case. There were several elderly people in line as well.

The shipment Adele's was expecting was considered a "small shipment", but that didn't stop at least 40 people from filling the small business, hoping to get their hands on a bottle.

Being that I had never really heard of CBD oil until recently, I started asking some questions. Here's what I learned: it costs about $90 a bottle (yikes), it can contain anywhere from .3 to .5% THC, the low amount of THC will not register on a typical drug screen, and lastly, people need it.

My grandma suffers from horrible arthritis pain and my grandpa suffers from the side effects of a brain injury from many years ago. After learning and the benefits of this magical oil, my mom went ahead and ordered a case. If you have the funds, Adele's will allow you to order a case and pick it up later, versus waiting in line for a store shipment. It set my mom back $1,000, but if it helps my grandparents, it's worth it.

A case contains 12 bottles, and Adele's is offering 10% off the cost to anyone who pre-orders a case.


When we were checking out, I noticed a petition beside the register. There were at least 50 pages of signatures stacked underneath each other. My mom and I signed. At that moment, it was very obvious that people need this medicine. One signature read, "please, this oil helps my mother." It was heartbreaking to see something so harmless ripped from the hands of these people.

One guy behind me was talking about his prescription to painkillers.

"I used to take five Lortabs a day," he said.

And now he doesn't have to depend on painkillers because CBD oil eases his pain.

With that being said, this is my petition to keep CBD oil on the shelves in Indiana. I know my word doesn't mean much, but it's one thing to say people need it, and another to see these people that are suffering. If it helps, it helps.


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