With nearly no radio airplay, a capella YouTube stars The Pentatonix cracked Billboards top 10 album sales!


Over the past several months, I've shared a few videos from the five-person a capella YouTube group The Pentatonix.  Their instrument-less covers of popular music has gained them an incredible internet following.  Their winning of NBC's "The Sing Off" didn't hurt their popularity, either.  The amazing thing about their strong debut was the fact that they did it with virtually no radio airplay.  I've played their songs a handful of times on the air, mostly THIS cover of Lorde's "Royals."  Their "History of Music" video is incredible (click HERE to listen)I also enjoyed their tribute to Beyoncé (click HERE to listen).  Below is their latest YouTube video, a tribute to Daft Punk, which already has 16 million YouTube views!



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