Soiling the carpet, non-stop barking, constant chewing, digging in the dirt, oh my! Do you have an unruly, or disobedient dog that could use some training? My couple of hooligans, Lucy and CoCo, are probably too far gone at this point.

Barb Birgy

My husband literally just walked by and asked which of ours will we send first. He's such a funny man. Says nobody! They are good girls as you can see in the photo gallery below.

Barb Birgy

Maybe there is hope for my pups. Because, in October a new Canine Campus will officially open off Burlew Blvd (next to Integrity Nursery) in Owensboro. Paws Town Canine Campus is a division of Paws Town, LLC. The training was previously done at Paws Town, but outgrew that space.

Paws Town Canine Campus

I had the chance to ask the certified dog obedience instructor, Terri Spencer why she has such a passion for dogs.

"Dogs have gotten me through every chapter of my life, and I don't know where I would be now if I hadn't become so fascinated with communicating with them. They've just always been there for me and I owe them so much. Being able to communicate with and understand your dog opens up a whole new world for dog owners and I love to be a part of that.", Terri said.

The training facility will include many different classes. Group classes, private lessons or day training are offered. The canine campus will also be adding confidence building classes and a pool to introduce pups to the water, dock diving, and water retrieval (all seasonal).

Barb Birgy

My Dogs Need Training and Better Parenting