I came for King Tut's sarcophagus. I stayed for the boozy armadillo. And how convenient to have all those glasses, right?

I was tipped off to an item Sarah Desrosiers-Stelmach is selling on an Owensboro barter site and since it was an EXCELLENT replica of an Egyptian sarcophagus, I had to know more.

When I was a kid, all I knew about King Tut I learned watching the old Batman TV series.

But now I know where to find his sarcophagus. Seriously though, I asked Sarah how she came to own this unique piece and she told she got it at Trees and Trends in Bowling Green back in the 90s. I remember the store very well from my days at Western Kentucky University, but I had no idea they sold ancient resting places. Check this thing out.

Sarah Desrosiers-Stelmach/Facebook

Oh but there's more. For example, who wouldn't want to partake of a Lone Star Beer after an armadillo got all that he wanted? Not kidding.

Sarah Desrosiers-Stelmach

I love that. It should be in the Kitsch Hall of Fame. (Look at me capitalizing it like that's a thing.) Sarah tells me she got it as a Mother's Day gift from her son who, of course, lives in Texas.

Now if you have beer or any beverage, I guess, resting in an armadillo's arms, you'll need glasses to hold said beverage. Well, Sarah has plenty of them. In fact, she has a commemorative glass from every Kentucky Derby since 1945, and one from before. My dad used to collect them, but he didn't have THIS many:

Sarah Desrosiers-Stelmach

That's a very impressive collection. And THIS is a very impressive collector's item--a wonderful piece of Americana given to Sarah by an old boyfriend 20 years ago.

Sarah Desrosiers-Stelmach

I told Ash, our digital managing editor, about these items and she texted back, "Your soulmate." LOL! But yeah, I love this kind of stuff and it's good to know I'm not the only one who seeks out unique items like these.

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