Angel here and I am pretty sure social media has been taken over by the Netflix series Tiger King.  My friend, Taylor Vineyard, recently shared her connection to the show.

Tiger King is a Netflix series based off Oklahoma native "Joseph Schreibvogel, a very off the wall Oklahoma-based roadside zookeeper also known as “Joe Exotic,” who ended up in prison after an attempted murder-for-hire scheme.

Taylor shared these photos on Facebook a few days ago and I had to inquire about where they came from.  She told me she and her family used to vacation in Myrtle Beach when she was a kid.

One summer they took a trip to Doc Antle's Myrtle Beach Safari. There they got to hold, feed, and take pictures with the tigers.

Taylor Vineyard

Did you or your family visit and hold tigers on your vacations?  Do you have photos?  We would love to see them.  Share them with us on the WBKR Facebook page.

If you haven't watched this series it is a must.  I told myself I wasn't going to do it and I got sucked in.

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