Mother's Day is coming up Sunday and folks are going to be spending time with and celebrating their moms.  One local event here in Owensboro is taking Mother's Day one step further.  The Standing Women Event will celebrate all women.

Standing Women is set for 2pm, Sunday, May 9th at Kendall-Perkins Park.  The event was originally inspired by a short story by Sharon Medhi.  She wrote the story for her five-year-old granddaughter and you can read it here.

The inspiration behind Standing Women is simple. You're invited to "stand for a world in which every child is safe, honored and nurtured."  And Sunday's event marks the 15th anniversary of the original event.

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Sunday afternoon here in Owensboro, at Kendall Perkins Park, attendees will stand in silence for fifteen minutes to "imagine the world of which we dream."  According to local organizers, you are encouraged to think about what you individually and we collectively can do to make that vision of the world a reality. "We are standing for world's children and grandchildren and for the seven generations beyond them."

Standing Women
Standing Women

Owensboro's Standing Women event is rain or shine.  As a matter of fact, the forecast for Mother's Day does indeed call for rain, so you're encouraged to bring an umbrella.  Plus, if you'd like to sit rather than stand, you're invited to bring a chair.

Owensboro's Standing Women event is sponsored by Nonviolent Owensboro and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation.


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