Folks who grew up in Owensboro have fond memories of roller skating.  And, the decade you were born in pretty much determines where those memories were formed.  If you're my age (49, clears throat), it's entirely possible you spent considerable amounts of time in your youth roller skating at United Skates of America near Wesleyan Park Plaza.  If you're younger, you likely roller skated at Skates Alive on Salem Drive.

Now, most of my friends have positive memories of roller skating.  They loved it.  I, however, am scarred by the first time I ever tried it.  My family and I rolled (yes, pun intended) up into United Skates of America.  While they were lacing up to hit the floor, I literally hit the floor and nearly broke my right arm.  I learned at a very early age that roller skating isn't for everyone and it certainly isn't for me. The boots were made for walking, not mounting wheels to them.

Well, there's no doubt that roller skating has a certain flair for nostalgia and some local residents are calling for a return to the glory years!  Over the weekend, my friend Amy Hoenicke posted this on Facebook:

Amy, like so many folks in Owensboro, has great memories of roller skating in town.  She says she visited Skates Alive "once or twice," but spent a lot of time at "the rink behind Kroger."  She says her family were regulars there.  Amy spent hours and hours at Catholic School skate parties, which were huge "back then."  She even had two different pairs of roller skates and was fortunate enough to have a basement that she could practice in!  Maybe that's what I needed.  A basement.  Or, better yet, a safety harness.

It didn't take long for fellow roller skaters to jump in and share their thoughts about Amy's Facebook post and request.

Owensboro Residents Want New Roller Rink

In addition to the idea of a roller rink inside Towne Square Mall, there have also been additional suggestions of adding putt putt golf, bowling, an arcade, restaurants, and a climbing wall.

What do you think?  Would YOU like to see a new roller skating rink in Owensboro?

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