Cam Thompson is a 2020 Graduate of Owensboro High School with plans of attending the University of Kentucky in the Fall.  He has always had a great love for music and singing.  This week he is turning this love into an amazing reality.

Cam's mom, Krista, told me that a few years ago he came to them and asked for guitar lessons.  He began working with Tim Hicks.  He loved the lessons but with a busy High School schedule, it was hard to fit everything in.

He had his first opportunity to perform in public at last year's Owensboro PorchFest.  Cam's parents were hosts of a porch and he took the stage or porch alongside Musician, Elliot Sublett, to showcase his talents.  At the very end of the night, Elliot allowed Cam to join him on the porch. Sublett asked Cam what he wanted to sing and he suggested, “Houston We Got a Problem” by Luke Combs. This was the first time any of Cam’s friends or family had heard him sing. His love of the stage started that night. He called Andy Brasher later that week and asked if he could come over and sing with him. Andy has been very supportive and an inspiration to Cam.

Cam’s parents, Krista and Kevin, bought him his first guitar for Christmas of 2019 after his Porchfest performance.  Cue global pandemic a few months into the end of Cam's senior year and he has tons of time to devote to singing and playing the guitar.

Krista Thompson 2

I always say God has a way of paving a road for us to make the journey he created us to take.  He started spending his days writing and practicing songs. Cam has to date written 10 songs.  His grandparents paid for him to go to Gray Sky Productions and record a song for graduation. Cam graduates tonight from OHS.  Graduating High School and releasing a first single all in one week.  I would say that is a pretty darn amazing feat for a 19-year-old.

Cam's first single, Kentucky Weather, will be played on all platforms.

You can download his song and follow him on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. His Instagram page is @thecamthompson.

We at WBKR, want to wish Cam all the best in his music ventures.  We're so proud of all you're doing and can't wait to see what's next.

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