If you are an owner of a Ford SUV, you might want to take note of this massive recall.

It seems like there's a vehicle recall every week. Some recalls are due to something minor, while others are being recalled for something that could potentially lead to something dangerous. This is an example of the latter. Ford Motor Company just released a recall on over 634,000 SUVs worldwide (more than 500,000 in the United States) due to a fuel leak that could lead to a fire.

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2022 Ford SUV Recall

Over 634,000 Ford SUVs are being recalled because of a cracked fuel injector that can spill fuel or leak vapors onto a hot engine and cause fires. According to the Associated Press:

Ford said it has received 20 reports of fires, including three that ignited nearby structures. The company also said it has four claims of fires that were noticed less than five minutes after the engines were turned off. Ford also has four injury claims not involving burns, and 43 legal claims attributed to the problem.

Which Ford SUVs are being recalled?

The following Ford model and years are the SUVs affected by the recall:

  • Bronco Sport 2021
  • Bronco Sport 2022
  • Bronco Sport 2023
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  • Escape 2020
  • Escape 2021
  • Escape 2022
  • Escape 2023

Ford says that if your "SUV has a cracked fuel injector, a strong smell of gasoline is one of the first signs. If you smell gas or smoke or see smoke, park your SUV and contact your Ford Dealer to have your vehicle inspected."

The company is not recommending that owners stop driving the vehicles or park them outdoors because fires are rare and generally don’t happen when the engines are off. Repairs for this recall aren’t yet available, but once they are, owners should schedule service with a preferred dealer. Owners will be notified by a letter in the mail starting Dec. 19.

(H/T- Associated Press)

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