A new report by the website, Schools.com, lists one of Evansville's colleges among the 10 best in the state for earning a four-year degree.

Using the most recent government data available, the website compiled the list based off a number of factors including cost, number of degree programs available both on campus and through distance education courses, graduation rate, and more.

After crunching the numbers, the site determined the University of Southern Indiana is the seventh best school in the entire state for getting your Bachelor's degree. The University's affordability, as well as its online curriculum, is what placed it inside the top 10 according to the site's synopsis:

Tuition and fees were affordable at this Evansville school. Only four other schools on our list posted lower raw cost numbers for basic admissions expenses. The average net price for low- and middle-income students ranked No. 6 and No. 7, respectively, among schools on our list.

USI was also one of the best online schools for Indiana students, according to NCES numbers. Just two other schools in our top ten showed a higher percentage of students enrolled in at least some distance education courses, and online students hoping to branch out into the more diverse campus-based catalog can enroll in an online completion program for Core 39, the collection of general education courses used as a foundation for all bachelor's degrees offered at USI.

As a USI grad, and watching the school grow more and more each year, I think it's great to see it get the recognition it deserves.

Ahead of USI on the list is IU (1), Purdue (2), Ball State (3), Vincennes (4), IUPUI (5), and IUPUFW (6).

Both IU and Purdue were ranked in the top 20 nationally for a four-year degrees with IU landing at number 12 and Purdue just squeaking in at number 20.

[Source: Schools.com]


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