Directioners, One Direction's appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel' last night (Nov. 20) was so epic that we almost don't even know where to begin. The band talked everything from crazy fan gifts (mushrooms dressed up as 1D, anyone?) to whether or not they think it's a good idea that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards tie the knot. And they even took the #CutestSelfieEver with Jimmy Kimmel -- complete with kittens, puppies, babies and even a unicorn.

Jimmy Kimmel kicked things off by asking the questions that every Directioner is dying to know: If Harry Styles would ever marry a girl who wets the bed, and if the band is ever afraid of fans loving them so much that they want to kill and eat them. Totally normal! The guys then went on to discuss the strangest gifts they've ever received -- and the top two are probably the time they got mushrooms dressed up as themselves (complete with googly eyes, of course) and the time a fan "gave them crabs," Liam joked.

Things then took a turn for the (even more) ridiculous, with Jimmy Kimmel asking the guys if they thought it was a good idea that Zayn and Perrie are getting married. While Niall diplomatically said that they were all pumped for Zayn's "stag do" (that's slang for bachelor party), the host admitted that he doesn't think the marriage is a good idea. Whoa! Of course, Zayn had to disagree with him on that one -- but admitted that he's "definitely going to get in trouble when he gets home" after this appearance. Ha!

And just wait until the guys get all dressed up for the self-proclaimed #CutestSelfieEver -- we're talkin' ridiculous props, kittens (who climb all over Liam), puppies, a unicorn and even a mini-Harry. OMG.

Check out all of the One Direction amazingness in the videos above and below!

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