ABC's series 'Once Upon a Time' has already plowed through a hefty number of fairy tale characters and stories in its three seasons on the air, so it wasn't a huge surprise when the show decided to add in some newish tales -- it was, however, a bit of a shock that they had snagged Disney's smash hit 'Frozen' to make the leap to the small (and live-action) screen.

The television series versions of the film's central trio were all cast back in July, with Georgina Haig set to play Elsa, Elizabeth Lail on board as her baby sister Anna, and Scott Michael Foster cast as the doofy and lovable Kristoff. (Turns out, meanie Prince Hans will be there too, but he's yet to be cast.)

Back then, we also learned just how their cinematic story would pick up on the show: "Haig's rendition of Elsa will have already been through the events of the ever-popular Disney film, having lost control her ice powers and put an accidental freeze on Arendelle, only to learn that the key to controlling her abilities is love. The character appeared in the 'Once Upon A Time' season 3 finale, emerging from a pool of water, T-1000 style, though there, Elsa had understandably been cast with a stand-in."

Time has just debuted our first full look at Haig in costume and character as a live-action version of 'Frozen' ice queen Elsa -- let it go, let it gooooooooo, sorry -- and she looks pretty solid (as ice? maybe). That's also Foster in character up there -- his back sure looks to be appropriately clad, now someone just find him a reindeer and we can call this thing a lock.

The fourth season of 'Once Upon a Time' -- complete with that 'Frozen' storyline! -- will premiere on September 28.

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