The Rob & Kat Mykals, along with Facebook, are dumbfounded and baffled by one man's letter to the editor calls out the US women's Olympic gymnastic team for being X-rated.

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A man from Ferdinand, Indiana wrote a letter to the editor of the Courier & Press suggesting that the photo of the women's US gymnastics, published on the front page of the sports section on August 10th was somehow pornographic or "x-rated" and would have been better suited in a "nasty copy of Playboy." The reality is, The Rob & Kat are having a hard time figuring out what exactly is wrong with the photo in question (included below in the Facebook post.) We asked our Facebook page for their feedback.

In part the letter reads:

Why not just get a nasty copy of Playboy? Where are your morals?

This photo needs a page by itself marked x-rated.



I think there is something so BROKEN in the mind that sees this image as "X-rated." I mean, think about how perverted a mind has to be to find something sexual in a photo of five female athletes celebrating the moment they literally become the elite premiere athletes of their sport. I would feel dirty if I were one of the poor women in this photo knowing some creepy pervert in Ferdinand, Indiana found a way to sexualize my greatest accomplishment.


There is nothing wrong with the photo of these incredible young women celebrating their Olympic victory. While they are wearing leotards, there is nothing skimpy or overly revealing about their outfits. In fact, they are in line with every other outfit worn by other gymnastic athletes from around the world who were participating in the highest of athletic arenas. As a woman, the thought that there are grown men in this world, like the author of this letter, who could in anyway conceive that this photograph is sexual or "x-rated" in nature is disturbing. There is something fundamentally wrong when a man looks at a photo of women who have exhibited strength, endurance, agility and grace while participating on a global platform and the only thing he can do is sexualize that photograph.

See the picture and decide for yourself at the Courier and Press website.

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