Nude weddings are slowly gaining popularity for the benefit of cutting wedding costs. 

Yep, it's 2020 alright.

Trust me, I know how stressful and expensive planning a wedding is. I have made every call and planned every detail down to the texture of the linens (yeah that's a thing). With my wedding date only 50-something days away (WHAT?!) I'm starting feeling the panic and financial burden really sinking in. Luckily, I have an amazing mother who is taking financial responsibility for my wedding, but some people aren't as lucky.

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While I opted for a few more less expensive decisions while wedding planning, I didn't get as desperate as to attend my wedding completely naked, but that's a trend some people have hopped on. With wedding gowns costing around $1,500 on average, brides and their parties decided maybe nude was better. By the time you ditch the gown, bridesmaid dresses, and men's suits, you've already saved yourself and your guests thousands of dollars.


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