Let's face it, animals are the best!  Personally, I have two dogs (Leila and Roxie, pictured) and I can't even begin to count the number of ways these little creatures have made my life better.  Part of responsible pet ownership is spaying or neutering your pet, maintaining their rabies vaccinations, their heartworm medication, flea and tick prevention, etc...  And NOW is probably a GREAT time to do any of those things for your best friend if you've been waiting.  Heres why:

Roxie and her sister, Leila
Photo: The Rob Hirschbuhl


Apparently Kentucky passed a new tax that goes into effect in July of 2018 that, for some reason I can't quite figure out, will make it more difficult for people to get these treatments for their dogs and cats.  Starting next month, a 6% tax will be applied to these and several other animal-care services.  Now, I know 6% isn't the end of the world, and that almost everything we buy is taxed at least that much in sales tax.  It DOES stink though that Kentucky is making it more expensive to take care of our animals.


You still have the remainder of this month to get these procedures done, however, before this tax goes into effect.
For more information about this tax, check out this article.  For information on pet services in Kentucky, this post from the Owensboro Humane Society has a lot of information!

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