If you're looking for a good movie to snuggle up with your Valentine to, The Next Three Days is a good pick. It's not a "romantic thriller" but it has a heavy LOVE undertone that drives Russell Crowe to do the unthinkable...BREAK HIS WIFE OUT OF JAIL!

From the Director that brought us CRASH, The Next Three Days keeps you guessing throughout the entire movie. You never really know if the wife did it or not, (you be the judge) but there is no doubt that Russell loves his woman enough to do WHATEVER it take to get her back.

This movie is SURE to have you looking at your man wondering, "Would he do that for ME?" Hopefully, you'll never have to find out. I give THE NEXT THREE DAYS a THUMBS UP! Well worth the Netflix subscription.

I've included a trailer for you the check out but I'm sure you and yours will enjoy it. Happy Valentine's Day!