I've always wanted to be fluent in a second language but I was torn about which language to choose. In High School, I attempted to learn Spanish by taking it for two years, but not having anyone to really practice it with, it never really stuck with me.

My two middle boys both are taking Spanish in school, and I though maybe we could learn and re-learn at the same time, but I never hear them trying to practice in real life. I've even encourage them to listen to the TV in SAP mode to test how well they could translate, but between social media and video games, they never actually watch TELEVISION!

I recently downloaded a language learning app, and the language I decided to go with THIS time was Japanese. I figured since I love anime cartoons, and most of the video games I play have Japanese online players, I though I might be cool to actually KNOW what they are saying. Who knows, I might even make it to Japan one day like I've always wanted.

I'm going to study for at least 90 days and if I feel like I'm making any progress, I'll continue, if not I might choose another language. Wish me Luck! If you could learn a second (or third) language, what would it be?

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