My daughter and I really enjoy watching Raven's Home, the 2017 adult-friendly version of That's So Raven. It's no secret they forumulated this Disney reboot to be entertaining for moms and kids. And, their secret sauce worked. We are hooked! There are obviously the slapstick moments that every kid thinks is freakin hilarious but there are also the mommy moments that only moms get. (You know what I'm sayin'?!)

In studio last week, we were talking about Raven's Home and it spurred the conversation about what other Nineties kid and young adult shows need a reboot to fit returning audiences and be relevant to new audiences, as well. Here's what we came up with...

Dawson's Creek

The Rob: A lot of these shows have updated where characters have gone 10-15-20 years later. I'm dying to know if Joey and Pacey are still together and if Dawson is a director.

Ash: I ran my car into the carport post while backing out of my parents' driveaway on the night of the big season finale. I was trying to get to my friend Katie's to watch Dawson's Creek and I was so worried about my characters that I didn't even CARE about my car until my mom asked my why my front fender was dented. The weird part is, we watched it on a tiny mini-tv in her kitchen. I loved Dawson. I was so over Joey. I was not team Pacey. And, Jack is GAY?! Poor Andie and that Jen... Whew. Hot mess alert! #flashback  Yes, YES it needs to come back! I need to know how they are all doing!! Maybe Jen's heart thing was just a dream?! Do they have kids? I'm seeing a movie...

**Since writing this, I talked to Gavin and he's currently in Season 2 of DC so he reminded me of all the crap I forgot. EMOTIONS. EMOTIONS EVERYWHERE!

Party of Five

Ashley: Never watched this one!

Rob: I gotta know if Julia is still hot.


Ashley: I didn't know it at the time but it was preparing me for parenthood. I remember Plucky Duck yelling, "I PUSH DA BUTTON! El-elator go down the hole!" and I'm pretty sure my daughter is a real version of Elmyra! I could see myself watching this with my kiddo from time to time. HAS to be better than Paw Patrol. PAW PATROL PAW PATROL WHENEVER THERE IS TROUBLE.

Rob: Animaniacs was a very relevant animated show that catered to children, and nowadays it seems the only relevant animated shows that handle real world issues are geared towards adults. For example: South Park. And, I feel like kids could benefit from an intelligent, comediac voice (like Yakko).

Are You Araid of the Dark?

Ashley: I LOVED this show. It was my Saturday night when I was in middle school. Yes, I was a huge dork. HUGE. I also watched All That but I didn't like the "It's Ashley" skit. (For obvious reasons...)

I can't get enough of anything even remotely scary. I think this would make a great remake - new characters, plots, and it would definately be soemthing I could watch with my kid without my brain turning to J-E-L-L-O.

Rob: We are long overdue for an anthology horror series in the vein of Are You Afraid of the Dark or Tales from the Crypt. There's a hole in the marketplace for a horror series where they focus on a different story in each episode.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Ashley: I'm totally on board with this one. It's kind of like Sesame Street for older kids. They are learning but don't know they are learning - because it's in game show style! The key is, you need a hostest with the mostest. One that makes you think your job in this is SUPER IMPORTANT and you are a big hairy deal when you get something right! Yea, I'd watch this one again!

The Rob: Carmen Sandiego is important because she made learning fun. If there are any shows doing that today, I'm not aware of it.

The Wonder Years

Ash: Aww sweet Kevin Arnold! AWWWWW. Winney! I could see me watching a remake, for sure. I like The Goldbergs but I appreciate the real appeal of The Wonder Years. I mean Barry can't be that stupid, can he? And, though I do enjoy a good Smother f-bomb but come on, the over mothering schtick gets old. Kevin was real. Wayne was your a$$sshole big brother. (Love you, Jim!) Oh, but when you reboot - keep the opening music and visuals. Sometimes, when we are having a fun family outing, I think to myself... this would be in MY Wonder Years opening credits. Don't you dare judge me!

Rob: OMG, yeah. In the 90s, TWY focused on Americana two decades prior. Today, it would be focusing on life in the 90s and that would be so much fun to watch. When you were a kid and you watch WY it was like a long lost time. Now, it's my childhood.

Beavis and Butthead

The Rob: BB was rebooted for a short period of time in 2011. Amazingly, those episodes were better than the orginals from the 90s. If they could keep that pace it would be successful with low cost of production.

Ashley: Yeah, I'm ok with B&B NEVER coming back.


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