When Drake buys a lady snacks, he goes all out!

According to Vulture, Drizzy took Nicki Minaj on a snack-filled shopping spree on the set of Usher's 'She Came to Give It to You' video. Thankfully, cameras tagged along to capture a snippet of the outing for us. Here's what went down:

In the video, Drake jokes with Nicki, "Get whatever you want!"

Nicki takes his words to heart, announcing that she wants some "Cheez Its and s---."

Of course, Drake is super generous. He calls over to the woman in the next aisle, asking, "Your friend want something too? You want something?"

The camera jumps to Drake asking Nicki, "You want some Nutella dip sticks? What you want? I'm splurging today!"

And splurge he did! We took a close look at the loot Drake took up to the cashier and we ID'ed Cheetos, a possible bottle of Honest Tea and, of course, Cheez-Its.

Who knew that watching Drizzy and Nicki snack shop would be so entertaining? Watch the hilarious outing in the video above!

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