Say what you want about Nicholas Sparks, but the man is a master at crafting love stories — so much so that his memorable tales have met the big screen not once, not twice, but eleven times. His latest novel to receive the movie treatment, The Choice, stars newcomer muscle hunk Benjamin Walker, and is slated to hit theaters this Friday (February 5).

Speaking of hunks, if there's anything Sparks is good at other than cranking out box-office romances, it’s helping pick drool-worthy stars like Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum to play his handsome leads. In fact, he’s created quite the roster of honorable babes over the years, which is why we’re celebrating the release of his latest adapted novel by ranking all of his lead role hotties...from handsome to hot AF.

See where your favorite hottie falls amongst the rest in our gallery above.

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