The Newburgh Riverfront won't be hosting big explosions over the river this year.

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Newburgh Cancels Annual Fireworks

Over the last few years, the Newburgh fireworks show has seemed a little shaky.  They have had several issues with the river flooding which caused problems with the pyrotechnics, and it just seems like in the last few years Newburgh has really worked hard to try to pull the grand fireworks show off. Unfortunately in 2022, there won't be a fireworks show in Downtown Newburgh.

Oleksii Sagitov

In a statement posted to Facebook, Historic Newburgh Inc. wrote:

historic newburgh
historic newburgh


Hope for Next Year

American flag for Memorial Day or 4th of July.

While it's definitely a bummer to see that Newburgh won't have a fireworks show this year, the good news is, that there is hope for next year! Historic Newburgh, Inc. also shared to Facebook that they are working with their pyrotechnics company, as well as Newburgh Fire Department, Police Department, US Coast Guard, and others in the community, to hopefully be able to secure an alternative location for launching the fireworks.

So hopefully next year the Newburgh riverfront sky will be lit up bright for the 4th of July! In the meantime, there are still plenty of other great fireworks displays in the Tri-State to enjoy.

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