Yep, Indiana is getting publicity once again for being miserable.


In a new poll conducted by 24/7 Wall St (and reported by RTV6), Indiana is the 4th Most Miserable State in America. This was determined based on a number of different factors including a sense of purpose, social life, and physical fitness. I guess Indiana, as a whole, still hasn't shaken that whole "fattest state" stereotype that we had bestowed upon us a few years ago.

The poll also claims that Indiana is one of the least educated states in America, with only 24.9 percent of adults having at least a bachelor’s degree. We also have a substantial amount of smokers at 30.6% (but we do look super cool when we do it) and a 31% obesity rating. We also aren't great in the income category either.

Despite being ranked 4th, we are still less miserable than Kentucky (lol), Oklahoma, and West Virginia. They say change starts at home, so maybe lets make some changes this year and aim to be the 11th or 12th most miserable state!

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