Kesha's new music has seriously become some of my favorite songs out right now.  I am not sure what it is, but I feel like I like her music now even more than her older stuff.  'C'mon' and 'Die Young' are two of my favorites out right now.  Well Kesha leaked online a new unreleased track, and it's about vampires!


I personally think Kesha is much more talented then we give her credit for.  She's been working hard to prove to people that she is much more than an auto-tune artist, and I think so far she has done a good job proving her pipes.

In this song she sings about her love affair with a vampire! That's right a cold blooded blood sucker.  Sexy right? This song isn't super upbeat like her other songs, but it's definitely got that elctro kind of sound we're used to.  However her voice is completely un-autotuned, so that's pretty cool! Check it out below!

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