I know that binge-watching on Netflix is everybody's favorite past time anymore.  Everyone knows about the classics...  Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Making a Murderer, Fuller House, etc...  But I stumbled upon one show that I have not really heard anybody talking about and you might enjoy.


It's called Big Mouth.  It's a very R-rated animated comedy that focuses on the changes people go through during puberty and adolescence.  First off, as a warning, and I can not stress this enough, this cartoon is for adults only.  But if TV shows like South Park or motion pictures like "Superbad" are up your alley, you're probably going to love Big Mouth!


There are several big names attached to the show, like voice actors Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, and Kristen Wiig (all of which are Saturday Night Live alums) and many other recognizable names.  It was developed by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, and it has the Netflix stamp of approval.


The show focuses on a few young people.  I'd have a hard time singling one out to be "the main character," but it has several focal characters of note that are all around the age of thirteen.  There is probably somebody for everyone to relate to.  Lead characters are white, black, gay, straight, cool, nerdy, beautiful, unattractive, whatever.  They all go to school together and typically are likable.


The characters on the show are adolescent and going through experiences that adolescents go through.  They're growing hair in places they didn't have hair before; They're getting crushes and figuring out their sexuality; They're getting into trouble and testing their boundaries.  That's the premise in a nutshell.


Again, I can't warn you enough, that even though the show focuses on things that are incredibly common for people twelve/thirteen/fourteen years old, they are still very ADULT situations and are handled in a VERY adult and R-rated manor.  I probably wouldn't let my children (who don't exist) watch this show until they were probably in the neighborhood of seventeen years old.


If you feel like a show like this is for you, which it clearly is for me as well, I've attached a trailer of the show below.  This was the CLEANEST trailer I could find, and it still drops one F-bomb, so please be forewarned before watching the video below!


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