Just when we thought Netflix was a "cheap" alternative. 

Netflix has announced they will be raising prices 13% to 18%, which is the most they have ever cost. The increase is to help tackle debt that has accrued by producing "Netflix" originals and compete with other streaming services such as Amazon, Hulu, etc. The most popular plan is roughly $11 per month. That will be increasing to $13 per month and will take effect immediately for new subscribers. For current/existing subscribers, this will roll out over the next few months.

For me, this is still the cheapest option but I also have Amazon Prime and I am actually about to subscribe to Hulu (I really want to watch The Handmaids Tale). However, all these streaming services are adding up. If you forego basic cable or satellite, and replace with three streaming devices (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu) you could be almost at $35-$50 per month (for easy math).

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