When you think about Miami, Florida the year-round warm temperatures are probably the first thing that comes to mind. I mean it's so hot that even their basketball team is called The Miami Heat. While they aren't dealing with a blizzard or falling snow, our Florida friends have a lizard situation. As in they are literally falling from the sky.

National Weather Service Miami, Florida

Jan 30: A cold morning...not as cold as our friends to the north dealing with a blizzard...but we have our own lizards to worry about. Did you really think with the coldest temperatures in over a decade we would not warn you about falling Iguanas?

NWS Miami Florida
NWS Miami Florida

As funny as it sounds, it is actually quite dangerous for our lizard friends to get this cold. Their bodies freeze, kind of like they are in a cryo chamber. Once the temperatures go back up to normal, the iguanas un-freeze.

What Happens When Iguanas Thaw Out?

You don't want to be near our little green friends when they snap out of their deep freeze. They might get startled and bite you! You really can't blame them though. Imagine feeling like you have frozen to death, and then you fall from your tree and wake up sweating. That would certainly make me want to bite someone.

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