So before I delve into my personal beliefs about the world and the way things are, I just want to let you know that I am aware some of these things are not practical but if there were a way for it to be possible, I would help to make it so. Here it goes.

Right of the bat I want to say that money should not exist. In the words of Eminem, "Money makes a man act funny." It is the root of all evil. Without money there would be less greed, less crime. Criminals do crimes for money about 95% of the time. If there was no money the world would be safer and there are alternative ways to get things. We could trade things instead. I know you are thinking, what if I don't have what they are looking for? Every one will have things to trade and even if you don't have what they need there could be something of interest or maybe some else needs the item and can trade it for another thing they need.

Next I believe things necessary for survival should be free. This includes food, water, and medicine. If we are forced to live in the world with money, then we should spend it on things like entertainment, cars, houses, phones, etc. Just leave food and water out of it. Think of the people who don't have money, how to they survive? Yeah there might be homeless shelters sure but some turn to robbery or theft. This is because they can't afford to buy groceries. Also poorer people can't eat healthy because healthy food costs more than unhealthy. That is wrong in so many ways but those that sell those products aren't complaining while they are drinking on their nice yacht. Don't even get me started on the outrageous prices on medication that some need in order to live.

Lastly I believe that we should be able to walk freely anywhere on this planet. Earth is our home not some little spec of land with four walls and a roof. It's all about control, we have borders because we have different countries. All these countries have their own religion, their own culture, and their own laws which is why we have borders that have a process in order to cross. If we could set aside our prejudices, religious beliefs, and realize we are all human, there would be world peace.

If everyone would care deeply about everyone else this world would be even more beautiful and safer than it is. If you believe in God, that was what he intended for us. People to love people and to worship God. Simple as that.

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