With all the NCAA tournament brackets floating around, The Rob and Maddie decided to make a bracket of their own! Don't worry - this one has nothing to do with basketball. 

All week long The Rob and Maddie have your chance to win tickets to see Disney on Ice - Frozen at the Ford Center on April 4-7. That combined with our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge got us thinking about creating a bracket of our own.

Although we've filled out the NCAA brackets, we admittedly know nothing about basketball. Although we don't know jack about hoops, there's one thing we consider ourselves experts on - DISNEY! With that being said, we decided to make a bracket for the best Disney songs.

We took a list of the top 100 Disney songs and paired them up to face off. Fill yours out and let us know who you have winning the title of "Best Disney Song of All Time". For a printable version, view disney bracket filled.


Maddie West
Maddie West

This probably the toughest thing we've ever done. We filled one out together, but quickly learned we have very different, yet passionate, opinions on our favorite Disney songs. Keep an eye out for each of our individual brackets, but collectively we agreed that "A Whole New World" was the best Disney song of all time.


What'd you come up with? Show us your brackets!

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