The Rob & Kat Mykals found a list of 21 movies from the 80s that according to Buzzfeed, you must make your kids watch. We had a few of our own favorites and so do our Facebook fans.


Breakfast Club
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The Rob

If I had to pick just ONE kids movie from the 1980's that I think my kids would have to see, I'd probably bestow that honor upon Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, and the rest of the cast of Disney's "Little Mermaid." Not really for any real moral or life-building reasons, but just because if they're going to watch one movie over and over again, I'd rather it be one that I like and can sing along to!


Kat Mykals

I'll be honest. I was surprised at the lack of John Hughes films on the list we found from Buzzfeed. Where is Pretty in Pink? The Breakfast Club?? Ferris Bueller's Day Off? I think if Stand By Me made the list, there should have at least been one Hughes film included from the 80s. They are classics! In fact, my own daughter has seen and loved all of them! You know what else should have made this list? Gremlins! Don't get them wet & don't feed them after midnight, but why aren't they on this list?



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