Angel here and you know it tickles my fancy to share all the sales with you all this weekend.  Many are hosting their Annual Spring Sales.

Thoroughbred Acres is the first and is located right off the bypass at Carter Road.  There are a few things I need to bring to your attention before you jump in your car and head out on your merry way.  Make sure the phone is charged or you have GPS because you will for sure get lost.  It has lots of nooks and crannies.  You can get turned around in a quick second and be in Ten buck two if you aren't careful.

I spoke with my insider adviser Molly Marshall who is a resident in Thoroughbred and she gave me exclusive information on all the different sales happening and even provided me an amazing list of exactly where they will be.  This group has their crap together.

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Here are the other neighborhood sales according to the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer:

BROOKFIELD NEIGHBORHOOD SALE: Off Daniels Lane by Owensboro Health-Friday 7 AM -Noon and Saturday 7 AM-? Theater Screen w/components, small appliances kid's & adult clothing, home furnishings, toys, video games, & misc.

BROOKHILL SUBDIVISION:  Alysa Landing, 2423. Friday 7 AM -Noon and Saturday 7 AM-Noon. Home items, adult clothes, kid's clothes up to size 10, shoes, lots of toys, much more.

Let me extend some of my personal and professional garage sale advice.  Scope out the goods the night before.  Some houses even give you a little preview sale if you're lucky.  Take small bills.  There is nothing worse when you're hosting a sale and someone hands you a big bill and you have to give them all your change.

While you're out doing a little bargain shopping stop into T & T Vendor Mall and Consumer Mall on HWY 60 this weekend too.

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