Recently, I discovered this treasure trove of entertainment that has been sitting dormant on my TV for... well for forever. We have DishTV and FREE OnDemand movies come standard. I'm really excited because I have access to bunch of really old movies from the 80s and 90s - some I really liked but I haven't thought about in years. I never remember the plot line so it's like watching a brand new movie!

Anyway, one Saturday night my daughter and I wanted to watch something and when we flipped through she spotted a horse. She's HORSE CRAZY! I clicked through to find it was The Horse Whisperer starring Robert Redford and a then unknown Scarlett Johansson.

Seeing the vast Montana landscapes and interactions with the horses made me miss my childhood. I always had a horse growing up and really enjoyed my time in the saddle. My daughter must have inherited the horse craziness from me. She takes lessons and visits my old horse at my mom's farm from time to time but we've never been able to go trail riding together before. So, I went to work to find something that could be a cool lasting memory for us and allow us to spend some quality time in the saddle.

I came across a Mother/Daughter Ranch weekend that's only a couple hours from the tri-state that looks perfect! Located right past Nashville in Antioch, TN, the YMCA Camp Widjiwagan offers lots of summer camps to kids of all ages and even offers summer camp weekends for families to experience together.

The Mother/Daughter Ranch Weekend will be held this September 11-13, 2020 and is for girls seven and older and their moms.

Mothers and daughters bond while riding horses along our beautiful lake-side trails and arenas. Explore camp and enjoy s'mores as you venture outdoors for this girls' weekend! -YMCA 

Megan Fagliano, the Equestrian Director told me that the weekend consists of group riding lessons in the arenas, trail rides, and participating in other camp activities around the facility. Traditionally, Friday evening is the zip line and campfire. Saturday is a mix of riding and camp activities. And Sunday morning you finish with a trail ride and camp activity.

The camp is $195 per person. All lodging and meals are included in the cost and guests stay in either cabins or yurts. I also asked the director about how they are preventing the spread of COVID during the family camps and she told me that each family will be staying in their own cabin or yurt and masks will be worn when social distancing isn't an option. You can ask to bunk with other families that you know.

SOLD! I decided that this is going to be her big birthday gift this year. She will LOVE it and I can't wait to hit the trail with my girl!

Camp Widgiwagan is a pretty awesome place. Yes, I'm jealous that it's not closer. And, they have more than mother/daughter ranch camp for families. They also have traditional summer camp for families with actiities like zip lining, rock climbing, fishing, swimming, archery, etc., and family ranch camp that is centered around horseback riding.

Here's a video from 2016 about what to expect at Mother Daughter Ranch Camp. For more info visit their website. Note this year's date September 11-13, 2020.

Here are some photos from the YMCA Camp Widjiwagan Facebook page. Looks like so much fun!

Mother/Daughter Ranch Camp Outside Nashville is the Perfect Bonding Experience

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