The Post-Christmas Gift Return rush is starting to wind down and once again, thousands of people including myself are struggling trying to return gifts that either didn't work, didn't fit, or just don't want!

What do YOU think the most RETURNED gifts are for 2018? Believe it or not, the most returned gifts this year, as in previous years are clothes! According to a study conducted by MarketTools, 62 percent of the gifts returned are clothing and shoes.

I try to stay away from buying clothes for gifts for those very reasons, even for my wife. Unless you shop for a person on the regular and know their sizes down pat, buying someone an article of clothing for a gift is always hit or miss. I prefer to hand out GIFT CARDS in place of the money I would have spent on clothes. I believe I trying clothing on, ESPECIALLY shoes, before I leave the store. Although this year, this gifts that I had to return were matching smart watches whose batteries didn't work. So I just gave my wife the store credit GIFT CARD that they gave me instead.

Kids are ALWAYS disappointed in getting clothes for Christmas, unless it's a pair of Jordan's or the most expensive name brand jeans. My son Junior had a VERY disappointed look his face when he opened up one of his gifts to find a nice looking SWEATER with a matching pair of ripped-style jeans that he thought didn't quite fit his style. Go figure with a 15 year old!

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