Even if you didn't watch the Super Bowl, you have still probably heard (or seen) about the "feud" between two of America's favorite beers. 

Nothing says rivalry at its finest like a battle between "beer". ICYMI, Bud Light had a "Special Delivery" commercial during the Superbowl on Sunday night. Clearly making a jab about corn syrup in MillerCoors products. While this Game of Thrones imitation of a commercial was numerous, it only stirred the pot.

After the commercial aired, everyone starting posting on social media about the "corn syrup" in MillerCoors products. Of course, this caused a stir and in my opinion may have backfired on Bud Light because who is everyone talking about now? MillerCoors.

It's extremely expensive to have a Super Bowl commercial and in my opinion, I wouldn't want to use my budget to talk about a competitor because that just gives them advertisement on MY dollar! I am sure Bud Light is rethinking this now.

On another note, just two days after the Super Bowl, MillerCoors took out a FULL PAGE AD in the NY Times to deliver a response. I honestly, love their response!

Photo: CampaignUS
Photo: CampaignUS

As for Bud Light? I think they should rethink next years Superbowl commercials.

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