I will confess to having what some might call a "snooty" attitude toward bourbon; I don't think it should be mixed with anything or turned into a "party drink." But that is just me. Everyone must feel free to imbibe however they wish, if they wish to imbibe.

In my humble opinion, it should be sipped among friends or at a location with such great atmosphere that it's the perfect accompaniment. Okay, yes, it sounds pretentious, but it's the best way to describe how I like to have such an experience. Plus, I'm a Kentucky native.

And this Kentucky native was happy to see the Commonwealth represented on a list of the top bourbon bars in the country, according to tastingtable.com.

Tasting Table Names the Top Bourbon Bars in the U.S.

Tasting Table is a website filled with news and features about--you guessed it--food and beverages. Specifically, this is the website's mission statement:

Tasting Table is dedicated to serving the modern food and drink enthusiast through content that is informative, useful, and engaging. We provide our global audience of 18 million monthly visitors with expert-backed dining advice, practical tips, must-try recipes, and the most relevant news influencing the food and restaurant world today.

Tasting Table's staff has taken its culinary expertise and named the best bourbon bars in the USA. And since we are talking bourbon, it makes perfect sense to find Kentucky on this list.

Owensboro's Miller House Among the Nation's Top Bourbon Bars

And we might as well start right here in our own backyard. The Miller House is one of Owensboro's finest restaurants with a lower-level bourbon bar that has more than impressed the folks at Tasting Table.

Speaking from experience, the atmosphere in that basement is second to none, but what about that bourbon selection. I'd imagine Tasting Table was blown away by the more than 600 bourbons offered there.

Kentucky Makes Multiple Appearances on the List of the Nation's Best Bourbon Bars

But if you venture away from Owensboro and you are a true bourbon enthusiast, you might also want to check out the Merle's Whiskey Kitchen in Louisville (I've had dinner there--magnificent).

Congratulations, as well, to the Blue Grass Tavern in Lexington and the Amsden Bourbon Bar in Versailles.

Kentucky knows its bourbon, and Tasting Table knows Kentucky knows its bourbon and was duly impressed with its experiences.

Enjoy your bourbon, but, by all means, please do not drink and drive.

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